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Lisa Strawn has published 16 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
The Situation in San Quentin 07:16 07/19/20
Lost City Magazine 01:34 12/02/18
Affirmation read by Lisa Strawn 01:35 02/25/18
Lisa Strawn Comments on Affirmation 01:22 02/25/18
Acceptance 02:16 03/01/17
Positive Actions Create Everything 03:55 01/18/17
Peace, Love and Joy 02:44 12/13/16
Life is for Everyone 03:07 10/25/16
Labels 01:34 07/18/16
The Lives That Matter 02:16 07/18/16

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Lisa Strawn was incarcerated at San Quentin prior to her release in 2020. While she was incarcerated, Strawn was a committed activist who facilitated spaces for LGBTQ+ prisoners and led a Transgender Day of Remembrance event. She also wrote several pieces for The Beat Within publication and published articles for San Quentin News.