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Lisa Strawn

Lisa Strawn, CMS Vacaville, “Peace, Love, and Joy.”

At Christmas time, when everyone talks about peace and joy and the love of family, I’m reminded daily how the struggles people face over addiction, violence, and allowing others the right to be who they say they are. Peace and joy is what we need each day.

Saying “Thank you” and “How can I help you” are words that should have more meaning. We shouldn’t be so afraid to offer anyone our time or to show someone that we care. Our egos and our fear divides us into people that become numb to a world that is full of color.

Let us not forget to humble ourselves and to be grateful for those we come into contact with because they are the one that just could perhaps help us to be better and change our perceptions of what we don’t understand.

When we begin to listen to one another with an open heart and mind, we suddenly find ourselves growing and becoming a more loving person. It’s not that big of a task to ask of this: reach out and speak out about the changes that we all need to make to really be able to say peace, love, and joy to everyone. Open your heart to someone in need, and just maybe you will see that we are more alike than we are different.

In the spirit of hope and being thankful, I say “Thank you” to Prison Radio for giving me a place to be heard when nobody else would listen, to Flying Over Walls that brought Prison Radio to me, to Black and Pink and Ultraviolet for all you do for the LGBTQ. For Hearts in a Wire, my new friend. Thank you to Suzie in Prison Health News, to JD for allowing me the courage to tell my story, for Janetta and everyone at Trans Justice Project, we’ve only just begun, for Mrs. Tifa and the people at the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, our struggles will be our victories and they will be many. To P and D, you are my life when the world seems dark.

Let everyone find peace, love, and joy in one another forever.

Lisa Strawn, CMS Vacaville, “Peace, Love, and Joy.”

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.