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  • 66 years old
  • 41 years of incarceration
  • Currently at San Quentin
  • Sentenced to death

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Kevin Cooper has published 24 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
A Never-ending Constitutional Violation (Text) 01/10/24
Everything That Is Wrong With America 01:37 10/25/18
Why? A Few Unasked Questions 04:01 07/17/15
Who I Am and What I Hate 02:07 02/28/15
I Must Repeat These Six Words 01:09 02/28/15
Real Justice For Rodney Reed 02:55 02/28/15
What He Said, and What He Didn’t Say 01:34 09/27/14
The Hurricane 02:30 09/27/14
We Who Are Oppressed 01:17 03/29/14
Fighting the Oppressor 04:49 03/29/14

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Contact Info

Kevin Cooper, C65304

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94974

Incarcerated folks at San Quentin may be visited by contacting between Saturday 8 a.m. PST and Monday 8 a.m. PST to request permission for an in-person visit. Such visits will require proof of a negative COVID-19 test to be allowed. If requests are made outside of the aforementioned time window, then requests will be rolled over to the time window to be processed in the next week.


Kevin Cooper is currently located at San Quentin. He is an outspoken advocate against the racism inherent to the criminal legal system, and he insists on his innocence despite attempts by the state of California to execute him.


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