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Charles Karim Diggs has published 26 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
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How Does Millions Of Felons Succeed 03:50 11/04/18
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Domestic Violence 03:17 09/24/18

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Smart Communications/PADOC

Charles Diggs/AK7945

SCI Phoenix

P.O. Box 33028

St Petersburg, FL 33733

These various policy and systems does not allow any substantial change. Even with body cameras, the murders by law enforcement will continue. If police are trained to kill, why do we expect them not to kill you? We need a system developed that does not teach murder. We need a judicial system that teaches judges to find a way to give more freedom and equality to its citizens, not less. African-Americans and all Americans are victims of a system that leaves us breathing for freedom. 

Charles Diggs “American Victims”


Charles Karim Diggs is currently at SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, PA. While serving time in prison, he has penned dozens of incredibly well-written letters, essays, and poems, such as “On Martin Luther King Jr.,” two letters to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and a poem titled “Who Made It That Way.”


Title Date

The True History of DBI

A New Society


A Second Letter to Attorney General Shapiro

Letter to Attorney General Shapiro

On Martin Luther King Jr.

Who Made It That Way

Case Summary



Letter to Myself


When I Come Home …

The Whole Truth

What is Needed

Massive Incarceration 2016

A National Period for Redemption

Death by Incarceration

Justice Administration

National Redemption

Are We as a Nation Aware That


The Holy Quran

Mental Health


Silence – Liberation – Redemption

Remember Our History

Redemption and Principles Related to DBI

A Journey of Recovery


Love in Economics

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