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  • 59 years old
  • 42 years of incarceration
  • 38 years on Death Row
  • Currently at San Quentin

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William A. Noguera has published 9 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
The Truth About The Death Penalty 03:44 02/18/22
Consequences 02:19 02/04/22
In The Name Of The Father 03:01 01/14/22
5 Minute Memoir 03:56 01/07/22
Equal Protection: Fact or Fiction 02:34 12/31/21
Second Chances 03:10 12/24/21
The Boy vs The Death Penalty 02:30 12/20/21
Youth Offenders 01:57 12/10/21
Death Row Diaries 01:08 11/30/21

Contact Info

William A. Noguera
P.O BOX D-77200
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin CA 94964

Support Info

The William A. Noguera Trust
C/O Dr. Anderson Alas


William A. Noguera is an American artist and published author who rose to prominence in the 1990’s, initially with his stark black and white hyper-realistic ink compositions that fused his deep subconscious with the harsh realities of his surroundings. These stunning images speak in a vocabulary that balances imagery with hard-edged geometric forms that conveyed his brutal landscapes.

After forty years of the constant oppressive restraints that come when shackled to a prison cell, Noguera’s response has been to unleash a unique form of abstract paintings, sculptures, and imagery with one goal in mind: The destruction of his surroundings, which he accomplishes using the stone, concrete, and pieces of the prison to create his art, weakening the walls in the process. These profound works turn the destruction into creation, expressing the most basic of human emotions of the sort his predecessors, Mark Rothko, and Robert Motherwell would clearly grace with their approval.

Noguera fuses boundaries of the physical with concepts of space, merging painting, sculpture, and architecture, with the captivating power of destruction, redefining conventional methods of artmaking in a synthesizing contemporary interpretation, balancing destruction and creation that rest on the surface. Exposing the vector that keeps these polarities sliding past one another. Creating a tension felt at first glance. Leaving a long-lasting memory of a site of conflict that can only be achieved by taking an idea to the extreme.

William A. Noguera is an award-winning artist, author and co-host of DEATH ROW DIARIES. The only true-crime podcast hosted from Death Row. William is also an INITIATE JUSTICE Inside Organizer and youth offender advocate, working for legislation and with legislators for the fair treatment and sentencing reforms for teens sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and death. He is presently working on a television series based on his nonfiction book, PENITENTIARY OF HORROR, which is on submission. For inquiries about the project, please contact William’s agent Jeff Herman of Jeff Herman Literary Agency