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William A. Noguera

Hi, this is William Noguera, co-host of Death Row Diaries from San Quentin State Prison, the only true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by a death row convict on death row.

If you love true crime and want the truth about serial killers from a person who has spent decades studying them in-person where they can’t hide who they truly are, then tune in. My cohost Matt Lawson is not in prison, but many people believe he should be.

He’ll be asking some hard questions that you, the listener, have wanted answered for years. Check us out on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, iHeart, Podbean, and Spotify. Our website is, and we can be found on Facebook and Instagram @deathrowdiaries. Thank you for listening and always be aware of your surroundings.

Your life could depend on it. This is William Noguera for Death Row Diaries.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.