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Shaka Zulu has published 22 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
Again 50 Years Later We Are Still Here 02:01 08/19/15
Missing Marilyn Buck 00:43 08/16/15
A Message to the Black Lives Matter Movement II 02:24 08/16/15
A Beautiful Comrade 01:32 08/02/15
The Kurdish People’s Workers’ Party 01:01 08/02/15
Sandra Bland and White Supremacy 01:19 07/27/15
“Get Out of the Car or I’ll Light You Up” 01:17 07/26/15
A Message For Bree Newsome 00:51 07/10/15
A Message to the Black Lives Movement 01:17 07/10/15
The Dominican Republic: A Case of 21st Century Ethnic Cleansing 01:11 06/28/15

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Contact Info

Shaka Zulu #244128

East Jersey State Prison

1100 Woodbridge Rd

Rahway, NJ 07065


Shaka Zulu is a chairman of New Afrikan Black Panther Party who was released from prison in 2019. Since he has been released, he has been organizing “No Prison Fridays” protests in New Jersey to obstruct plans to build more prisons in the city of Newark.


Title Date

“Pantherism is for everyone!” : Interview with NABPP Chairman Shaka Zulu by Heather Warburton of New Jersey Revolution Radio

Shaka Zulu Being Harassed at Northern State Prison — Needs to be Transferred NOW!