Prison Radio
Shaka Zulu

“Get out or I’ll light you up” said the Texas pig to Sandra Bland. They have been lighting us up for centuries now; the Trans-Atlantic slave trade lit us up; sharecropping lit us up; Jim Crow lit us up; Black bodies hanging FROM TREES lit us up; the bloody white nationalist riots of 1919 that murdered thousands of black people lit us up! They lit us up when they assassinated Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, George Jackson, Che Guevara, Sandra Pratt, and millions of nameless and faceless mothers who defied the racist power structure. So, your threat racist pig — to light us up do not put fear in us — we are now preparing the ground for a revolution that will light you and the whole system of white supremacy capitalism up — the fire this time!

Dare to struggle — Dare to win! Panther love! All power to the people!

Chairman Shaka Zulu, New Afrikan Black Panther Party