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  • 72 years old
  • 46 years of incarceration
  • Currently on parole

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Jalil Muntaqim has published 3 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
Affirmation read by Jalil Muntaqim 01:40 02/25/18
On Political Prisoners 03:08 08/02/12
US Political Prisoners 01:58 04/22/12


Anthony Bottom, better known as Jalil Muntaqim, is currently on parole after being incarcerated for half a century at Attica Correctional Facility and Southport Correctional Facility. He was convicted alongside Albert Washington and Herman Bell for the alleged killings of two police officers and, as a result, has faced numerous attempts of retaliation by the state—including routine denial of parole. Before he was incarcerated, he was a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. He is also the author of We Are Our Own Liberators: Selected Prison Writings, a collection of essays that he wrote while in prison.


Title Date

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