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  • 70 years old
  • 45 years of incarceration
  • Currently at FCI Victorville Medium I

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Bill Dunne has published 1 commentary. Latest commentary:
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Message for Mumia 02:22 05/22/12

Contact Info

William Dunne, 10916-086

FCI Victorville

13777 Air Base Rd

Victorville, CA 92394


Bill Dunne is currently located at FCI Victorville. He is a political prisoner who was arrested in 1979 after attempting to free a comrade named Artie Ray Dufur from prison. Although Dunne and his comrades were able to free Dufur, Dunne was arrested in an ensuring altercation with police officers and sentenced to 80 years in federal prison. In 1983, Dunne tried to escape from prison and was given another 15 years for his attempt.

While incarcerated, Dunne has helped his peers acquire their educations and reach political consciousness. Even while held captive within a cell, Dunne continues his activism by editing and writing for the 4Struggle Magazine, organizing the Running Down the Walls 5K, and serving on the Anarchist Black Cross Federation Prisoner Committee.


Title Date

Forty Years Of Incarceration: Let’s Tell The World About Anarchist Political Prisoner Bill Dunne

My Friendship With Political Prisoner Bill Dunne

The Protection of the Law

Dime Down

Murder Incorporated

New Plantation

Crack in the Federal Scheme: The October Rebellion of 1995

First Federal Execution Postponed

Build Jails, Not Schools: Ohio Prison Building Corruption

South Carolina Rapes Exposed

4Struggle Magazine

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