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  • 62 years old
  • 41 years of incarceration
  • Currently at Wabash Valley Level 3 Facility

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Christopher “Naeem” Trotter has published 16 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
Medical Neglect and Death at Wabash Valley 06:56 04/05/24
Assault on Roe v. Wade 02:05 05/03/22
I’m a Changed Man 07:55 02/07/22
White Supremacy in Indiana State Prison 05:09 01/28/22
On Juneteenth 04:15 06/18/21
No Lives Matter Under Capitalism 05:09 06/07/21
Parole Denied 10:00 05/28/21
Prisons Herd Policy 07:34 11/04/20
Update on COVID at Wabash 09:11 10/26/20
Flu Shots for Prisoners 06:54 10/21/20

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Contact Info

Christopher Trotter, DOC 862556

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

PO Box 1111

Carlisle, IN 47838-1111


Christopher Trotter is currently located at Wabash Correctional Facility. He has recently been outspoken with regard to the mistreatment of political prisoners as well as the negligience of his administration during the COVID-19 outbreak. In 1985, Trotter participated in a rebellion against his correctional facility due to the mistreatment of his peer, and as a result of his activism, he was given a life sentence in a hearing that was biased against him and his fellow prisoners. Despite offering a compelling case that he was acting in self-defense against correctional officers, Trotter continues to be kept behind bars while prison guards walk free.


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