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Charles Karim Diggs

Charles Karim Diggs. I’m a Pennsylvania prisoner at Phoenix, a new prison. And the name of my, uh, title is “Domestic Violence, Harassment, and Denial.”

Domestic violence has taken front stage because the president and the Republican senators realized that the Judge Kavanaugh will vote every substantial issue for corporations.

How does the Constitution relate to domestic violence and the Supreme Court nominee? One major reason for the Constitution is to establish a nation of good government based on choice. The American constitution is an experiment. A significant conflict existed, and that debate was about property and the desire to have one union.

Those men who owned property and who were wealthy created the Constitution to meet their interests. What was certain is the citizens out of necessity must yield some of their natural rights in order to give government the request- requisite powers. The choice was whether we would have one national government or each state have its own separate confederate and give the head government the supreme powers.

The violence we see across America can be traced to the founding of the nation. Women had no place in American politics, business, law, or education. In fact, for centuries, women were condemned as witches and suffered torture and death throughout yore. Women could not vote, own, property, nor could they testify in court and definitely not allowed to testify against a husband.

African-Americans had absolutely no rights whatsoever. It is not difficult to understand why the nation suffers an epidemic of violence against women and children. This disease has become part of the government: the men in power continue to use their power to be demoralize, humiliate women and anyone else under their domination.

Police violence, school violence, war, and the sexual violence and intimidation against women continue as a privilege for white males specifically. Interests of the common American citizen was never a concern of the men who wrote the Constitution. So when you hear the Supreme Court justices speaking about the original intent of the founding fathers., it does not include women, Africans, or anyone who is not a wealthy person or corporation.

The Republicans are going to affirm Justice Kavanaugh as the new justice, because he is a believer of provisional intent: corporations dictate the market and government should stay out of state’s business. The original intent reinforces domestic violence because it never intended for women to ever have any power or voice. We need a new Constitution not nourished in national violence.

Thank you for listening.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.