Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Hello, this Spoon Jackson talking to you from Solano State Prison, and I wanted to let people know that “The Book of Judith,” who was my mentor, will be out—well, you can preorder right now— and it’d be something enlightening for you to read. It was started—the idea was started in my head once she passed on, and I wanted to honor her, so we got the book together from a bunch of people and the proceeds go towards scholarships in the name of Judith Tannenbaum.

Another thing I wanna do is give a shout out to Prison Radio, and I think that any of you who know how to write grant proposals or grants need to get busy and help this Prison Radio out, because it’s helping people, it’s getting the word out about all the injustices and the unnecessary treatment of human beings going on inside the prisons. And I think it would behoove anyone who believe in justice, who believe in humanity, who believe in rehabilitation—self-rehabilitation—and restorative justice, to try to help Prison Radio out, because they telling you the truth about what’s going on in prison. But if you wanna stay with the fake stuff that they say is going on—propaganda—you can do that too. And I hope that’s not what you wanna do.

And one other topic I wanna talk about. I’ve signed up for some therapy because the commutation board has passed me up some 15 times, and it seemed like for whatever reason—I can’t understand it—I’ve been in for over four decades, and why they won’t gimme my commutation? You know, “I don’t deserve it.” Who does? But, you know, I would hope I would be considered. And the thing I’m reaching out for is a little PTSD treatment from a therapist or somebody out there in the free world who could help me deal with the trauma of still being in prison and the trauma of my childhood.

In return, I will assist them in their creative writing or their poetry or acting or whatever they wanna do. I will help them, and I think that would be a good deal, because I teach creative writing—I have taught creative writing for arts and corrections, and I think that would be a good exchange. 

So anyone who wants to contact me and help me with my PTSD and my prison trauma and my childhood trauma. So I’m really trying, and it’s changing all the time. You know, I hope it would be somebody that is versed in the Eastern philosophy as well, who knows about the healing power of meditation, of different things other than just the psychological things Freud and Jung was talking about, and others that was clear clinical psychologists or psychiatrists—and philosophers, cause psychology is a branch of philosophy.

And what I need is just some kind of therapy where I can just go back and forth with someone, and hopefully we could help each other in our art and in our lives. [Cuts out]… dealing with trauma.

If anybody wants to get at me, you can just go to and drop your address, or you can go to and sign up for email messages. Or you can write Prison Radio, or call Prison Radio, they got my full address.

But again, I want to reiterate that hopefully you grant writers and stuff, you want to help out a real organization that’s helping out, trying to change the narrative of this incarcerated state of California? Of just throwing people away and throwing the key away and just racist, sexist treatment they are doing under the guise of justice? Please help out Prison Radio.

Thank you very much. This is Spoon Jackson signing off from Solano State Prison, and stay real.

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