Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Real. Realness eats raw meat, does not waver nor trips on the currents. He has the staying power of the sun. Realness walks only in his own shoes.

Today. Today I died. I died yesterday and tomorrow. And at night, I fly.

The doors don’t close. The wind and sky. Somewhere because they never opened.

I can’t sit still. Too many years. Light escapes me. Dreamed I barked like a dog. I woke up and bit myself.

Flowers, trees, bees, honeybees, ravens, coyotes. A once lonely painter sits on a hillside, paints a new dawn.

[inaudible] move, wind blows, no one looks you in the eye. No one speaks. I cannot hear.

This is Spoon Jackson at Solano State Prison where they have us on lockdown on finding a couple of people positive for COVID, which is now like a cold or flu inside the prison, and yet the head medical dude at Solano decides to lock us down and take away our canteen, our yard, and our visits, all that based on nothing.

Again, they are punishing us for they bringing in COVID, and now COVID is not such a big threat, because most of the prisoners have been vaccinated. And again, no prisoners have been going out to the hospital or dying from it, so therefore, why are they pretending that is out of control, when even if it was, it’s just like a cold, and cold and flu has been worse, so they perpetuating this false illusion that people are still succumbing to COVID when it’s not true.

And this is a travesty of justice, and they shouldn’t allow the medical whom they say is the reason why all these moves are taking place, they are moving people all around, taking people that don’t have COVID and didn’t test positive and moved them in with people that tested positive so they could get COVID.

So that’s how I caught it and almost died from it. They sent me to a building, into a cell that hadn’t been cleaned, that hadn’t been anything, and I ended up catching COVID. Prior to that, I didn’t even have it, so it don’t make any sense. They move people that did not test positive with people that tested positive and give them COVID, and that is exactly what the medical facility up here in Solano State Prison is doing right now.

They’re attempting murder on people. If they make it, if they put people with COVID together, it becomes like a cesspool in the air. It gets filled with all them germs and all that stuff that goes along with having COVID, and you could get it deep again, especially for those who have not been vaccinated. It almost killed me. And then I protested in the beginning that if you don’t want to take care of me or you don’t want to make it where we could practice six feet or they tell us to practice social distancing when they got all the buildings in Solano overcrowded right now, instead they bringing people in, so how can you practice social distancing? So they are concentrating us inside buildings on lockdown so that we could- so that the COVID can fume and become strong. That’s what they want so that they could get, I don’t know what they get out- but it’s medical doing it, mainly medical doing it, and custody is saying that they can’t do nothing because medical is running things.

Sadly, they are shut- and they got two buildings shut down with nobody in them, yet they took the people from those buildings and herded them all into these buildings over here, on this yard and other places. And now they said, “Practice social distancing,” you can’t do that. And it definitely ain’t clean- this place is not clean. The kitchens are not clean. The cell blocks are not clean. It’s not set up. They practicing deep cleaning or taking care of the prisoners’ needs medically for against COVid is a lie, straight up. So that’s the end of my rant. My name is nobody.

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