Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

It has been very chaotic on this prison yard lately. I feel like Richard Blatchford as I relay this story, my bulletproof vest on in the middle of Syria, bullets swirling all around as we film breaking news in the midst of war. I guess this is National Geographic. I hate to look at us in this prison industrial complex as animals or beasts, doing studies on this prison species, peering at species similar to a scientist, dissecting its makeup.

You wonder why today someone’s lungs was punctured with an icepick on this yard, the attacker hurling blows downward like some Ugandan Silverback. You wonder why they scream all fucking night around you. Why the long face, my friend? You wonder how we became so inhumane, I mean, really, really ask why.

Remember right now, I’m Richard Blatchford, and my thesis on this is: the reason these humans are exhibiting animal-like behavior, preying on one another, is because of the created environment by the master architect behind this prison industrial complex’s blueprint. I guess these species view me as one of their own. I walk unscathed amongst rebels, lions, tigers, and bears. I even pet them. The Jane to Koko the gorilla, I guess? Or am I really the gorilla?

You see, everyone thinks the monkey is stupid, when in actuality, he’s the most intelligent in the jungle. The environment I’m in is very chaotic. This last week alone has been like Ukraine and Russia. In here, this could all end with simple changing of the program and resources. But hey, I don’t run this place. I’m just a journalist with my theory. Thank you.

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