Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

I haven’t truly introduced myself since I’ve been on Prison Radio. Let me apologize for that. Hello, I’m Joadanus Jerome Olivas, a 30-year-old who’s on his 14th straight year of incarceration for several attempted murders, which occurred in Los Angeles when I was 16 years old. I have no knowledge of the crime.

I’m innocent, honestly. I’m no angel. I’ve had a dark path and troubled upbringing. I found out I have this writing gift and now I’m stepping into my greatness. I’m writing a documentary as we speak. This prison cell has turned into a laboratory and watch what is formed through my science. Who is Joadanus Olivas? He is one of light, peace, growth, maturity, and knowledge.

I swear with each writing, I’m trying to heal the world. I put my soul into this for you. And listen, I don’t know this whole path before me, but I swear anything could happen. I just feel it. I pray that I inspire you to be great also, no matter where you are located, and know that there is a crown on your head, please realize it. Yours truly, Joadanus Olivas.

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