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The last days of August are always the hardest to make it through. It’s true for us here at Prison Radio too!

Olivia our office manager’s pup

It is the end of summer, folks are rushing back to school from vacation, our next appeal is being constructed and not in the mail, and the cash flow realities of front-line work are far from folks’ minds.

Cash flow is so tight that we are not going to meet payroll this Friday, unless folks can help. That means layoffs if we don’t raise literally $5479.00 by the end of the week, and a total of $10K by September 5th.  It also means that I will be the one getting laid off, for sure.  

Looking to the future, we will need to raise 75K in the next 3 months. And 150K by January 5th. If you have bigger gifts to give, please consider supporting us in these goals! 

This is my opportunity to tell you how it is. And ask you to give.
We would appreciate your consideration of a substantial gift today.

The mail box was empty yesterday and clicks and checks are slow to come in. Yet, we keep the phones on. We recorded 20 commentaries from prison in August, and the calls keep coming.   

Tommy our digital lead and audio engineer’s cat

Prison Radio’s August Freedom Dreams – Help Make them a Reality:

  • Safear Ness and I of Prison Radio partnered yesterday with Law For Black Lives and HEARD for Write On! A Letter Writing to Prisoners celebrating Black August.
  • Celebrate the production and broadcast 20 new commentaries from inside prison in August! $240 of staff time
  • Help us finish  the manuscript for Beneath the Mountain: An Anti-Prison Anthology on City Lights (2024). $15K permissions and staff time
  • Acknowledge the WEB Dubois Movement School (Philadelphia), on their launch weekend this month. 24 hours of time over three days to support this amazing investment in our future.
  • Recognize movement history as we (Noelle Hanrahan, Lolo Serrano, and Martha Conley) traveled to Niles, Ohio and Braddock PA to record Alice Lynd, Ed Wells and Chief Justice Fatburger (Ronald Williams). Equipment $845; milage $350; $150 hard drives; 
  • Champion the building of our new database in Donor Perfect $4K 
  • Seed the campaign for Heart Healthy Diets for PA Prisoners $5K
  • Fuel trips to the prisons $1.5K a month

This is us, going all in.  Dreaming of our future, pushing ourselves to create and broadcast.  We love, we struggle, and we win.  

If you can give today, Thank you.
If you know of a foundation, a grantor, or a family fund that could make a significant contribution, that would be a relief.
If you could think about making a gift before the end of the year – we promise to use it wisely.1)
3) Venmo: @prisonradio
4) Wire transfer and stock gift information available on request (
5) Prison Radio/Redwood Justice Fund PO Box 411074 San Francisco, CA 94141. Tax ID: 68-0334309 Prison Radio/The Redwood Justice Fund 415-793-7958

If we raise enough funds, then I will have time to report out more.  To give you the blow by blow of what we do, as we do it.  The movement has been calling for more information to be reported out.  If we had more time we would put out more and more updated information.  

When We Fight, We Win
When We Love, We Win
When We Survive, We Win

Noelle Hanrahan, Esq. P.I.
P.S. Mumia Abu-Jamal sent us a 5K check in June to make all of this work happen, if you can we are asking you to match his gift.