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Murder Incorporated Book Trailer

Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny, our non-fiction narrative published and distributed by Prison Radio and Chicago Review Press — and all three books are going into their second or third printing (hardcover/softcover/eBook/Audible). Angela Davis, Chris… Read More

The State Wants Mumia To Die

This is a life and death situation and we need to mobilize immediately. Congestive heart failure. Unrelenting skin eruptions are causing damaged, ruptured, leathery, dry, exposed wounds. Not one spot on his body is free of dry cracked and bloody open wounds. No longer in an outside hospital, Mumia is back in the prison infirmary in excruciating discomfort and pain. Read More

Survivors of Abuse

1 in 3 women has experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. According to a study by the US Department of Justice, the most dangerous time for a battered woman is when she leaves. In Michigan, 75% of the women who are killed by their intimate partners are murdered after the relationship is over or as it ends. Read More

Mumia has Congestive Heart Failure & is Covid 19 positive

On Saturday Mumia Abu-Jamal was hospitalized. When he put in a sick call slip and was seen by the SCI Mahanoy medical staff he was taken immediately to the hospital suffering chest pain and shortness of breath. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure he was given a battery of tests. It is unclear how long Mumia was hospitalized, but by Wednesday he was in isolation in the prison’s infirmary. Read More

Her Name Was Breonna Taylor

“Her name, Breonna Taylor, has become a call to be chanted and shouted at protests.” So began Mumia Abu-Jamal in his recent commentary “Breonna’s Deathbed.”  Mumia compared Taylor’s assassination—shot in her bed by armed police who burst without… Read More

2 Urgent Events

Every day at Prison Radio we hear and share with you the vibrant voices of America’s political prisoners. These voices illuminate the way forward. And each and every day we count on you to help… Read More