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The 5th largest Death Row (186 men and women) is shut down! Citing “inherent biases” and the State’s “error prone” justice system, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf halted all executions in the State of Pennsylvania on Friday, February 13th.
Death Penalty Laws by State
Source: PA Department of Corrections, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Echoing what we in the Prison Justice movement have known for years, Governor Wolf asserts that PA’s justice system is flawed and steeped in bigotry. Of course, this new ruling has its predictable detractors, namely Philadelphia’s DA Seth Williams. Williams calls for blood and states that this reprieve “unlawful,” and suggests that the Governor has “no moral or legal right to nullify judicial rulings and legislative statutes.”  Compare these sentiments with Mumia’s soulful reflections on the execution that was just prevented:  Ode to Butter. 

Let’s consider this a first step on the road to abolition, and let’s keep organizing, educating, building coalitions, publishing studies, and amplifying the voices of prisoners as we continue to mobilize and shut down our (in)justice system.