Prison Radio

Every day at Prison Radio we hear and share with you the vibrant voices of America’s political prisoners. These voices illuminate the way forward. And each and every day we count on you to help us defend our correspondents from retaliation and censorship.

Check out “Law an Attack on Free Speech” ( by Carey Shenkman, a bold case against SB508 on the Philadelphia Inquirer Op Ed page. Then check out Jaan Laaman, Safir Chuma Asafo, and listen to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s rare 1979 interview with Bob Marley produced by Prison Radio! A shout out to Existence is Resistance ( for reposting this on Bob’ s Birthday.

We also want to acknowledge that you do take the time to make the calls, that you do give, and that you do bring the truth to the public. Thank you! Take for example Mindy from Oregon. We have mad love for Mindy. She saw the Inquirer article in the early morning hours and she got right into the comments section as soon as the story broke. She just slayed the haters. Her willingness to post at the Inquirer online site opened up the space in that forum for pro-prisoner voices. Thank you Mindy for countering every lie that the bully cops put online. It made a huge difference. Also a shout out to Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) and Ramona Africa who both donated computers for interns.

Now, we are asking you to take more actions. Please, right now, make the call for Russell Maroon Shoatz (action alert below), and Jacob Barrett. And if you are in Pittsburgh, please come to this terrific event Freedom Under Fire: A benefit for the Dallas Six. Join, me (Noelle Hanrahan) and Pam Africa on Friday February 13^th in Pittsburgh. See below for more details. Hope to see you there!