Prison Radio
This trial is a milestone- it will stop the Fraternal Order of Police in their tracks.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution is only meaningful if we continue to use it and defend it: that is Prison Radio’s mission.

– Noelle Hanrahan
Gathering at a Prison Radio Defense Fund Fundraiser:  Bret Grote from the Abolitionist Law Center,  Pam Africa, of ICFFMAJ, Mumia’s brother Keith Cook; Mumia;s nephew Wayne Alexander; Ashley Henderson and Nikki Grant of the Amistad Law Project; & Patricia Vickers Editor of the Movement Magazine and mother of a juvenile lifer Kerry Shakaboona Marshall is a plaintiff and Prison Radio commentator. 
Monday, March 30th, 10:00am Room 2
US Federal Court House
Harrisburg, PA
Our lawsuit will prevent the state from silencing Mumia.
Bret Grote (Abolitionist Law Center), Nikki Grant & Ashley Henderson (Amistad Law Project), and David Shapiro of the MacArthur Justice Center will be vigorously arguing for our ability to hear the voices of prisoners and our Pennsylvania correspondents’ ability to speak and report from inside prison. Join us in the courtroom. The Fraternal Order of Police would have liked this first of its kind law SB508 to take root here, and spread across the country. Your support of Prison Radio and Abu-Jamal V. Kane will prevent the FOP from burying the truth that these brave and courageous men and women bring to the airwaves every week.