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In March of this year, after being denied care at the infirmary in SCI Mahanoy, Mumia was transferred to the hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He had emergency double bypass surgery. 

When Mumia’s Hepatitis-C, in 2015 became acute, and remained untreated the prison’s negligence lead to renal failure and diabetic shock. We moblized, organized, and put international pressure on the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  It took over a year, but with your help, we won a preliminary injunction that forced the prison stop denying critical care and give him the fast acting anti-viral cure. His case for medical neglect is set for trial in April 2022!  Prisoners across the nation have used this precedent setting injunction to receive the lifesaving cure to acute Hep C infections.  

As he recovers from heart surgery, Mumia needs our help.

Right now we are bringing the bright hot spotlight on the prison. The food on the trays at SCI Mahanoy causes diabetes and poor heart health.  This combined with the total lack of yard time and solitary confinement as a result of COVID lockdowns  has created  lethal conditions for folks in prison.  

Healthy food is a human right.  Food is medicine. Our loved ones deserve the dignity of a nutritious diet.    

A cardiac diet and exercise are critical when recovering from heart surgery. It is the best medicine. You cannot repair your heart, and let it heal without exercise and while being forced to eat white bread, white starch, salt, sugar, and meat.  A health diet has to be mostly fresh plants and vegetables.   Mumia still has not received the critical cardiac diet prescribed at the hospital.  The prison has been plagued by Covid lockdowns and he only gets out of his cell often for minutes a day to use the phone.  He is in solitary in a small cell with six feet of walking space!  When they are not on lock down – he can walk in the yard once a day! and the day room two times a day.  

Please order 100 postcards for $10 including shipping.  We need you to reach out to Secretary of Corrections George Little demanding a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain, low sodium, healthy food. 

Please send Secretary Little the follow message:

Dear Acting Secretary Little,

You pride yourself on the health and safety of prisoners and staff. We ask that you step up and be at the forefront of wellness. Proper food can and will prevent diabetes and heart failure.

We ask that you:

1) Provide a “cardiac” diet to those such as Mumia Abu-Jamal who are suffering from congestive heart failure.

2) Discontinue purchases that are high in sugar, trans fats, and sodium.

3) Provide fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and partner with local farmers.

You can reach Secretary Little by mailing him:

George Little,
Acting Secretary of Corrections
1920 Technology Pkwy
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Email or by Phone: