Prison Radio

In all the noise of the strange colonial holiday of the Fourth of July, Prison Radio keeps liberating voices. 

In June we recorded Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bilal Muhammad, Krystal Clark, Torrey Braxton, Maximilian (Ian) Streisel, Joadanus Olivas, Kenjuan Congo Jr, Peter “Pitt” Mukuria, and Spoon Jackson across 15 commentaries focusing on everything from air quality to unjust pre-trial detention in Texas to the health crises in Michigan’s Women’s Huron Valley, to the function of prison and death row and the artificial and dehumanizing world created by the prison industrial complex.  These voices are only heard from our website and we are grateful we can share them.

 As the mainstream press celebrates “freedom”, we are doing the work of freeing voices from inside. We know that we are part of a rich and dynamic movement of organizers and artists – inside and outside prison –  looking for ways to build a different world. None of our work can happen alone. 

Here are some ways you can support this work:

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  5. Educate yourself and your friends about the prison industrial complex and how it harms all of us. 
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We love to hear about all of your great work across the country on campaigns and projects that seek to undermine prison isolation and free our family inside. We know that this work is only possible with every single one of you and all of your beautiful resistance. 

Thank you,
Jennifer Beach

Prison Radio Co-Director