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“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”

Alice Walker

Nobody is coming to save Mumia for us, we must do it ourselves



Smart Communications/PADOC
Mumia Abu-Jamal, AM 8335
SCI Mahanoy
c/o PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

In April 2021 Mumia underwent open heart surgery. Since then, the PA Department of Corrections has denied him cardiac rehabilitation care including a cardiac diet and adequate outdoor exercise.  

His life in the balance: This is an emergency call to action.

It will take organizing from every corner – students, doctors, artists, families – all justice-loving people to build the global crescendo. Now is the time for everyone to build you own groups, devise your own strategies. Collective grassroots actions are powerful. Don’t wait for someone else to direct you. Seize the moment and gather your people: do whatever you can to work for Mumia’s health, and his freedom.

Here is some beautiful trouble folks are already working on. You might want to build on any part of this:

Many of you have been putting a bright white hot spotlight on the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to demand that they provide adequate exercise, diet, and medical care to Mumia and all prisoners. We have the PA Governor, Dept of Corrections (DOC), and SCI Mahanoy prison officials listed below who need to hear from you!

Sample script for email, letters and calls

“I am calling because Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM 8335, and other incarcerated elders diagnosed with heart disease, are being prevented by the prison from getting what they medically require for their health. Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM 8335 had double bypass heart surgery in 2021.  He needs:

1) A CARDIAC DIET – 3 times a day that includes fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, and limited sugar, salt, and highly processed foods.

2) EXERCISE:  He must have access to do sufficient cardiac rehab EXERCISE every day, and especially outside access to exercise.


  • Secretary of PA DOC, Laurel Harry David Radziewicz, Special Assistant 717-728-4117
  • Superintendent of SCI Mahanoy, Bernadette Mason 570-773-2158, wait through the auto-message to reach a person
    • SCI Mahanoy PA Department of Corrections, 301 Grey Line Drive, Frackville, PA  17931   
  • PA Governor Shapiro 717-787-2500
  • Marilyn Richards, Staff Assistant to Dep Secretary of Eastern Region 717-728-4114
  • Morris Houser Dep Secretary of Eastern Region:
  • Samuel Condo, Staff Assistant to Dep Secretary of Eastern Region 717-728-4742

New Call to Action Slides! Please feel free to share widely.