Prison Radio
Are you an activist? Are you effective? You could soon be facing indictment…Since 2022 60 Stop Cop City activists have been indicted in Atlanta on RICO and Domestic Terrorism charges for attempting to prevent the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest and the construction of a Cop City. Activists were charged for acts handing out flyers, attending a music festival, operating a bail fund, and putting money on incarcerated peoples commissary. Prison Radio supports the movement to Stop Cop City and we stand in solidarity with political prisoners everywhere!
Through a historical material analysis, we understand that the Prison Industrial Complex has been fine tuned over decades to repress Social Justice Movements. Our long-time comrade, Mumia Abu Jamal, was targeted by state repression in 1981 and initially sentenced to death. He is now serving a death by incarceration (DBI) sentence in a Pennsylvania prison. For three decades Prison Radio has fought alongside Mumia and other incarcerated comrades in the struggle as we seek together to abolish all colonial institutions.
From Gaza to Attica, we have identified prisons as a primary site of struggle against colonial empire. Direct action and frontline resistance, has always been the tip of the spear in our struggle. Some organizers have directly linked Israel’s Genocide against Palestinians in Gaza to Cop City in Atlanta. Other groups like Palestine Action are maintaining direct resistance against Elbit, an Israeli defense contractor with locations across Turtle Island (Fort Worth, San Antonio, Merrimack (NH), Talladega, Roanoke, Boca Raton, and De Leo Springs (FL).
All those who stand collectively against American empire face repression from the State. We remained grounded in knowing that we follow a long tradition of radical resistance. We don’t forget about our people held captive.

Prison Radio remains committed to broadcasting the voices of all of our incarcerated comrades. We work to give a platform for incarcerated revolutionaries to speak in their own voices. Please leave a small donation today, even $1, to support us in broadcasting these important perspectives of our comrades behind the walls.
In creative, revolutionary struggle,
Safaer Ness
Prison Radio Staff