Prison Radio
Bryant Arroyo

Anatomy of America’s Wasteful Prison Industrial Complex: America, America! Land of the free, PA-Society filled with justice and equality. This is a clear example of hypocrisy, unless they forgot to include me, and millions of others kept in captivity. Confined behind tall walls and razor wire with the Nation of Prisoners constantly rising higher, countless amount of prisoners will never be released. Except in body, once deceased! Most inmates have done their wrong. But guidelines designed to hold prisoners much too long. America’s prison industrial complex has a fluctuating economy, so, prisons in America have become the No.#1, “Prison industry.” Where more men/women are stocked like commodity, and actually forced to work for a paltry sum under servitude for free. Refusal results in being without pay and thrown in the hole. Along with a definite denial for parole. Since the signing of the emancipation proclamation, minorities (Blacks, Latinx and Poor White) have been swallowed by incarceration. It’s easy to see the similarities, between prison life and slavery. Inside the walls, phone rates and commissary prices are still high because financial support comes from A T & T, Securus M.C.I., TWA and Best Western too! As far as the Corporate Raiders that’s just a few. Inmates are forced to make the prisoner’s clothes, bed linens, boots, hats, coats, shirts and under wears too. It’s a shame, many tax-paying citizens dont know, we’re in the era of the New Jim Crow. There’s no justice or equality, America was built through slavery. Don’t take my word for it, study your history. Racist lawmakers & politicians make decisions causing Blacks & Latinx to fill the prisons. Outsiders believe we’re being rehabilitated, but, being caged only generates hatred. The majority of defendants are victimized & doomed way before entering the courtroom. The vocabulary and legal terminology used leaves most defendants dazed & confused. And often the attorney who’s protecting rights DRI king Martini’s with the DA’s and Judges, at night! Quick to offer some type of plea deal or make you wait for many years on an appeal. Court officials share a bond which we’re not a part, stacking the odds against you from the start. Just like slave masters buying and selling slaves, working and selling them till they’re dead in their graves. So, at times it seriously baffles me, WHY, America is called THE LAND OF THE FREE; Especially, when The United States of America is warehousing the largest Nation of Prisoners in the Country. By Bryant Arroyo for Prison Radio and Earth Month Convergence Theme on Waste, 2023.