Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Prisoners on death row here in Pennsylvania Department of Corrections have successfully litigated and won the argument of being housed in indefinite isolation of solitary confinement as being cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane treatment.

Now that they have been released to general population and given more freedom and liberty to socialize, move around, have more privileges, and human contact, the powers that be here in the PADOC have chosen to fill the void of empty death row blocks and cells here at SCI Phoenix and Greene by classifying almost the same number of released death row prisoners to the restricted released list of supposed worst of the worst prisoners in the PADOC to the very same blocks and cells under the same indefinite lockdown and inhumane treatment.

With no avenue of recourse or redress given by the PADOC, their only options freedom and liberation back to society or death in a prison cell. As one of the RRL prisoners placed in these virtual death chambers, I sincerely advocate and stress the serious need for criminal justice and solitary confinement reform.

In solidarity, Derrick Gibson, the prisoner and author. I can be reached at Smart Communications/PADOC, SCI Phoenix, Derrick Gibson JP2190, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33733,, or

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