Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Hi, my name is Derek Gibson, a prisoner incarcerated in the Pennsylvania department of corrections at SCI Phoenix. On July 30th, 2021, SCI Phoenix was placed on a total lockdown again by Superintendents Sorber due to the rise of COVID-19 positive cases here recently inside of the prison amongst both unvaccinated and unvaccinated prisoners.

Also as of July 30th, 2021, I have been refused medical assessment and treatment as I am suffering from serious pain in my spine, muscle spasms, along with swelling in my right foot and leg and have submitted deli sick call requests and complaints to the medical staff here and also happened to have an issue with Johnson and Johnson vaccination shot site prior to this now refusal of treatment and assessment.

So all your support is greatly needed by calling superintendent is Sober here at SCI Phoenix as 610497890 and demand and medical assessment treatment for myself and any other prisoner here with obvious medical issues. I thank you. As solidarity, prisoner author, Derek Gibson, JP 2190 SCI, Phoenix, PA Department of Correction.