Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Hi, my name is Derrick Gibson, a prisoner incarcerated in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

The sentencing of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is again a travesty of injustice by a brazenly racist system, that the judge willingly manipulated and undermined the sentencing and punishment of this murderer with practically a slap on the killer’s wrist and a slap in the face of George Floyd’s family, supporters, and people of color.

This predetermined decision was carefully mapped out prior by the judge in a 22-page memo, graciously granting Derek Chauvin the opportunity to be released back home to his family in 10 years once the heat dies down, even with the possibility of further federal charges with a guilty plea by him, that time will be eligible to run along with his current sentence and most likely still leaving him eligible for release in 10 years.

The sentencing hearing, witnesses who testified and four aggravated mitigating factors meant as much to the judge as George Floyd’s life did to officer Derek Chauvin.

In solidarity, prisoner and author Derrick Gibson, institutional number JP2190.

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