Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Hi, my name is Derrick Gibson, a prisoner in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at SCI Pinegrove, a classified restricted release prisoner housed in indefinite isolation of solitary confinement the past 10 years. That means in the hole.

And I say, in all due respect, that we have to have unity and continue to fight against oppression, systematic racism, and for criminal justice reform, simply because we have not overcome yet. How can we win without unity, devotion, and commitment, and dedication? How can we win without strength, courage endurance, and strong will? How can we win? We have to truly support the movement and continue to march forward. Bend but don’t break, I say.

In solidarity, part-time prisoner Derrick Gibson, JP2190, PADOC at SCI Pinegrove.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.