Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Hi, my name is Derrick Gibson, a prisoner in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. I have been held in the hole, isolated on a restricted release list of indefinite lockdown over eight years now. I am also the author of Before Orange Was The New Black, a true account of the 1989 Camp Hill, PA prison riot.

For years, the PADOC has been dead set on making me personally pay for being present and continuously speaking the truth personally witnessed by intentional use of excessive force to retaliate, intimidate and silence me, manufacturing frivolous and false misconduct reports in cases to the court to cover up and ruin my chances of parole and freedom.

The second-in-command in the PADOC, Tabb Bickell, controls all operations in the PADOC, a previous hostage and victim in the Camp Hill prison riots, so there’s no sense of accountability of staff actions—that they are granted full of immunity and totally vindicated in any complaint and grievance I file.

Their false sense of security is encouraged, creating [inaudible] of overconfidence. They’re malicious arrogance exuberates from staff eager to earn and curries favor along with their prison plants. Their disdain and total reckless abandonment of any decorum and professionalism is disrespectful and degrading, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It ups the ante of rebellious and revolution to bring about progress and change.

As I fully support and advocate for the George Floyd Free bill and stand with those on the front line. In solidarity, prisoner, author Derrick Gibson, prisoner number JP2190, PADOC.

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