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Psychological Impact of Solitary Confinement

Bryant Arroyo

“The Psychological Impact of Solitary Confinement.” Now I want to address the issue of the newly imposed administrative policy throughout the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. We are in a congregated administrative custody isolation mode, as… Full Transcript

PA DOC Juvenile Lifers Initiative Excels Under Robert Hammond

Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

“Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Juvenile Lifer Initiative excels under Robert Hammond,” by Kerry Shakaboona Marshall. One of the most successful projects by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in the past decade has to be the… Full Transcript

Prisoners ID Data Leak

Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

“Pennsylvania Department of Corrections hacked for incarcerated persons ID data,” by Kerry Shakaboona Marshall. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, a state agency that’s all about maintaining security, was hacked for incarcerated persons’ and DOC personnel’s… Full Transcript