Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

Hi, my name is Derrick Gibson, a prisoner in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, and I’m strongly advocating for disclosure and investigation of the abuse of prisoners and their rights by corrupt staff at SCI Mahanoy in the PADOC.

Superintendent Bernadette Mason, along with her prior SCI Retreat staff, which was closed in 2020, have a detailed history and pattern of the use of excessive force, retaliation, setups, falsifying reports, lying under oath, tampering with records and prisoners’ property, denied adequate medical care, and violating due process rights. They boldly and blatantly hiding behind the color of the law while breaking the law and totally disregarding PADOC policy.

A code of silence and intimidation is constantly orchestrated. When the people in authority have the responsibility and take an oath to uphold the law, especially assuming the title of a correctional staff, but totally disregard and break the law, they themselves are as much the criminal as those who they oversee.

And it’s outlaws themselves are not qualified for the positions and duties. The crafty methods and prisoner violation of Ms. Mason and her officials, these unlawful ways and actions should be uncovered and unveiled. In solidarity. prisoner and author Derrick Gibson, inmate number JP2190.

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