Prison Radio
Sheik Bilal Abdul Salaam-Bey

This piece is called Sponsorship. I’m currently enrolled in a rehabilitation program called Hustle 2.0. This curriculum was written by me in doing time in the SHU program at Pelican Bay for people who are tired of doing time.  There are courses on entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, leadership, employment, re-entry and parole preparedness, just to name a few. I’m on a scholarship which means I need an outside sponsor to purchase my books. I completed the pre-season handbook one. If someone could purchase book two for me, I would highly appreciate it. I will complete all of my work and send my sponsor a copy of my certificate. Any aid and assistance you can render in this endeavor will be well appreciated. The website to order the book from is Thank you all for your time, effort and energy. Anyone wishing to contact me concerning this matter can do so by writing Charlie Hughes number 96576. Hutchinson Correctional Facility, PO Box 1568, Hutchinson Kansas 67504.

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