Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064.  I’m in WHV the Valley of Death with these demon doctors. Like I’ve been trying to get in touch with y’all for a while like this. This is heartbreaking. Like ain’t nothing been done, like they not doing anything but denying my health. I be trying to go to health care I wrote so many times letting them, telling them how I’m feeling, how my body is, I’m in pain, how you know, just explaining like the knots on my breasts is getting bigger. It is heartbreaking that I’m going through this and is sitting here and they are just letting it happen. Torturing me. I’m sitting here I have never seen nothing like this in my life. Actually, when I say again I said over and over how the mold is worn out my body and people can see it looking at and everybody they so scared to even be around me. Some of the people like they scared they might catch it, like this is this is this is wrong. I haven’t haven’t they would have been tooking me to my appointment. Hm, hm, hm, hm God. They would have been taking me to my appointments  when these knots started. And after telling them. I’ve told the doctor before over and over like “they get bigger something is wrong like I could feel it like,” “oh it’s nothing it’s nothing,” I suppose to been follow up every three to six months. 2022 I had appointments I didn’t go to this year and now they saying these two masses grew they grew like they just growing? 

Now I gotta take a biopsy. I’m just so like tired y’all f*@#ing so tired. And forgive me for crying. I’m tired of this. I’m so sick of these evil demons they here they don’t deserve to be called no doctors, nurses. It is the administration and the warden they are pitiful. They are pure evil. Evil cuz they see what’s going on they been seeing what’s going on. This has been going on too long. It ain’t nothing they’ve done to these people. Like how can they get away with this? You can sit there and walk in my face every day and see how I’m suffering. See how sick I am. And do anything. Do anything. And the ones that “oh, it ain’t is much we could do.” You right you say “is so much you can do” How about you go and report it to the higher ups? You ain’t even gotta say your name, just report what’s going on. Is too many people have lost they life in here, that was sick, and still is sick and get dying. Like how many people is gonna take? The prison? Like this is unacceptable what they are doing like all parties these people need to be Don Jones, I say Get HUM [Health Unit Manager] Tinsley, Dr. Ellison, the warden this is crazy– you run the facility you do rounds. And when I talk to you, you shut me up, you shut me down telling me to shut up. But you talk to everybody else. 

I didn’t do this to myself. I deserve the right medical care. I deserve to get treated way better like they is. We all do. This is crazy. But what they doing to me this is crazy. And heartbreaking. Like that lady asked me she’d say “I’ve been down with you. I’ve been down 30 some years but to see you struggling and what you’ve been going through and what you’re still going through and I don’t see how you made it. You’re a strong lady.” But God. I told them my faith in God. My trust in God. Damn it and I’m just tired of this. I’m sick of this I gotta come out and put a smile on my face. It has like “nothing is wrong with me.”

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