Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark, my inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV [Women’s Heron Valley] (sobs). This is so bold, this is the Valley of Death for real, like this is so bold. I went on a med run today. I took some mammograms on my breasts, they said it was like a lot of stitches but finding an area that was growing, they want to do a  biopsy, they said they was gon’ see what the Doctor said to do. I’ve been–” (Sobs). “–been in so much pain like I’m just sick of looking like this, my whole body is just…don’t even look like me, it’s just bad. 

So, like, when I come back, you know, for the med run you know they said that, the officer you know, and I showed them my ears and stuff–I ain’t even had to tell her what it was, like, you can see this mold is growing. I said, “Nurse,” I said, “Can I see you for a minute?” I said, “I’m not doing no better.” I said, “You can look at me, look how it’s growing in my face–it’s like, so swole. Look at this.” “Okay, I will come. When I come back, I will go and see do you got a follow-up.” So I told the Officer, “Officer, take me over there and sit down”. So when she comes, she was like “Well, I don’t see no follow-up, I gotta get in touch with Dr. Ellison.” 

I said, “This is disgusting. Every time it comes to me, y’all taking me to this killing doctor, just covering up my health and not helping me. Seeing that this stuff growing over here, seeing how my body is failing and declining and charting in my chart that he don’t see anything. Why I’m getting stuck seeing this man that nobody else–everybody else who don’t want to see him, don’t see him?” 

I’m like, I said “You a nurse!” I said, “Can you take a look and call the on-call a doctor, call somebody else?” “Well, Dawn Jones told me, Director Jones–” who, from day one, is the first one who been just disgusting. She shouldn’t even be a nurse, she’s just disgusting. And she get in my face acting like she cared, then tell the people not to help me. The nurse told me she told her to tell me when this happened and make me kite every time, put a kite in. “Oh it ain’t serious.” 

I said, “What you mean it ain’t serious? I’m laying in my feces.” (Sobs). “Can barely hear. So much pain, can barely walk sometime, just fighting my way through–what y’all meaning ‘It ain’t serious’?” I told her, “You’re an RN.” I said, “When you see something wrong, and you know they doin’ wrong. Get somebody over then you can report it. So you’re just as wrong as them.” I said “You just sit up here and see me and seeing how swollen I am and seeing this stuff going and coming out my ears. And you choose to do nothing about it?” 

She told me she gotta follow what her boss saying, what they tell her to do. That’s disgusting. All of them oughta be ashamed. Just like they walked the RCA off, Sanborn, from doing that to me. They need to be walked off. They don’t need to have no job–I’m not the only one that they doin’ this to. This is sick because these people could’ve been still living. This just shows the fact what they are doing here–This is terrible, unacceptable. I’m tired, y’all. I’m tired. (Sobs) I can’t even stick my hearing aids in my ear because my ear is so full of this f…..g mold. I don’t no medication. Like, lost for words. Like I need to be on somethin’, try antibiotics, whatever you got. I’m fire in my head. I ain’t had no (Sobs), nothing for my headache. This Tylenol is not working, telling me “to take some Tylenol”–they tryna be real funny here.

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