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Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark, my inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV: The valley of death.

Still haven’t got no help. Still haven’t went to the heart specialist. It’s like my body is like declining,. It’s just, it’s, it’s not doing good, my heart not doing good, my chest. I’ve been telling ’em, I’m bringing up blood, I’m having these real bad nose-bleeds, my eyesight. I’m really scared! My ears is so bad, y’all, it’s so bad! And I’m begging ’em to send me to the hospital!

I should not, my body, should not be swoll like this, and staying swoll like this. I’m begging ’em and telling ’em, if something is not right, if something’s not right, why y’all not listen to me? If they (?) they don’t want to send me to the hospital because they know the hospital gon’ show what’s going on, and they in here trying to act like it’s nothing wrong when you can see it all over my body, you could see it on my body. [sobbing] This is how I’m lookin’. I’m tired! I’m tired of laying in this bed, that I can barely sometimes can’t even get out the bed. My bunkie have to help me. This is unacceptable. This sound and ringin’ I’m hearing in my ears, how bad my ears is swoll, and they infected! You can see stuff in there!

And nothing is being done at all, nothing! They ain’t giving me no antibiotics, no ear-drops, they won’t give me nothing. They trying to just act like I’m just, I’m just normal and then I went to see this, the mental health doctor. Like, I’m like, “Is you here to help me, or are you here to make it seem like I’m crazy? ‘Cause ain’t nothing crazy about me. Every–y’all have it in black and white with all–every medical, and every blood–everything y’all took, it came back that something is wrong.”

She like, “Oh well, your anxiety high”, try’na give me some psych medication. I’m like, “I don’t need no psych medication, I need to get to the hospital! Like, I need to get to a hospital.” They try’na dope me up on psych medication, like I’m crazy. This is unacceptable, what they are doing in here. I said, [unintelligible -is she think that all you is you swollen, your face] she think everything, but you want to give me some psych medication that make me like like a zombie around here like everybody and like I’m–and make me sleepy so I won’t think? This is sickness! Shouldn’t no one have to go through this.

We matter. I matter. Should no one have to be treated like this and go through this. (crying) And they know I’m speaking out about it so they keep on like acting like, oh, like it’s a mental – ain’t nothing it’s–yeah, Y’all the one playin’ on my mental!

Y’all neglecting me, y’all been neglecting me. For too long I’ve been telling them about this mold and how’s it affecting me, and now you got proof and now you got medical records, and you still don’t do nothing? The doctor can spit in your face and frown and cover your health up and not do anything? Nodules, they are growing in my throat, you can see them moving where, where I talk, they are so swoll. They are growing! I still have no follow up for that. The lumps in my chest, the knots in my chest – what they said: still no follow up for that. (Sobbing) This has gotta stop, what they doin’ to me! This is, this is, I need to get to a hospital so I can get the right help before it’s too late, I’m telling y’all. I – what my body is doin’ is not normal (crying harder). It’s just not right.

I just wanna tell y’all I’m just grateful to have y’all in my life, and y’all’s support. I really love all of you. And I pray that y’all stay by our side and fight with us through this, fight with us, and don’t give up on us ’cause we need, we need y’all. My name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number’s 435064. I’m in WHV: The valley of death.

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