Prison Radio
Raymond Eugene Jenkins

Today’s topic is The Weakest Link a little bit. We’ve been having a problem with the phone on my end of, also so, but the weakest link pertain a person that come into the prison. And we don’t call ’em weak, but there’s a weaker link of the mind. The mind is the weakest link when you allow people to control you in the prison system.

It’s the weakest link because your brain have two sides: the strong link, and the weakest link. And some of us use the weakest link on our brain because we want to be something, have to be a part of something that’s negative. When we think positive, we don’t want to be a part of something that’s not negative, we choose to be supportive these and negative that could get us in trouble or to bring us back to the prison or the county jail. So my, my desicion is to be more stronger, use your mind more wiser. Don’t be the weakest link, be the strong link. Know that you have opportunity to do whatever you want to do. Don’t never allow anybody, and we sayin’ it to the prisoners: don’t allow anybody, inside the prison, or outside the prison, on parole or probation, to dictate, you know, your mind because now you fall under the weakest link. Be good to yourself and good to others, because everything is always up to you.

So with that, this is Mr. Jenkins. You can reach me at BM 2522, 4B 3R – C, 58, PO Box 3481, Corcoran, California, 93212. And I’ll be glad to hear from you! And keep, keep your spirit up, and keep faith. And next week it will be The Little Brain that Could, and hope that they had the phone fixed, so that way I can continue. But thank you, and have a blessed day. Bye bye. 

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