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Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hunger strike: the act of refusing to eat as a way of showing that you strongly disagree with something or disapprove of something. ponder on that for a second…The immediate thought which comes to mind is what would drive a human being to deliberately obstain from eating as a way of protesting? and what are the issues about? It must be a desperate situation requiring a desperate and immediate response would be my assumption.

Red Onion State Prison is a prison located in the state of Virginia in rural southwest Appalachia region. This prison is literally constructed on top of a mountain and everything about it is designed to keep the public’s eye and interest out. This was also where i was held captive in solitary confinement for 8 years and organized and participated in numerous hunger strikes and From experience, often times hunger strike tend to be a tactical response in addressing long ignored issues.

During my time there, Red Onion Prison was a torture chamber and I’m more than certain that that is still the case. I make such an assertion based on my own experiences and general observation of the treatment or mistreatment of my peers. Here, i’d like a moment to speak on a fellow comrade of mine named Kevin Rashid Johnson ‘s current situation involving his health and his dire conditions of confinement at Virginia’s infamous prison.

October 21st 2021 Rashid had a blood test done to which he learned a year later that the results of the blood test revealed that he had prostate cancer at least since Oct 21 2021 and due to the continued passage of time without a single treatment, the concern then became that the cancer had spread beyond his prostate gland: which would imply that a treatment wasn’t no longer an option and the case for medical neglect is irrefutable. A PET scan was ordered in order to determine if and to what extent the cancer had spread and a follow-up visit with the doctors was scheduled so that they would go over the results in his presence.

During all this, Rashid was warehoused at a prison called Sussex 1 State Prison, this prison was geographically located near the Medical College of Virginia (MCV Hospital) where Rashid would be transported to be seen by the radiologist and begin his Chemo Therapy but the prison administration begun putting up road block s to disrupt and even prevent his treatment plan.
Shortly thereafter, the same doctors who were supposed to treat Rashid joined the prison in delaying and preventing his treatment plans. The diabolic intent to murder Rashid is very apparent in their actions or lack thereof.

…As though what they were doing wasn’t evident enough, additionally they transferred him to Virginia’s infamous Red Onion prison , the significance of this transfer is that he was no longer housed closer to the hospital where he would be receiving treatment instead they transferred him to red onion prison which is an astounding 16hour roundtrip from MCV Hospital to red onion prison however the transfer to as far away from the hospital as they cou within the state of Virginia all but guaranteed that the treatment process would be halted and that’s precisely what happened.
Upon arriving at Red Onion Prison, Rashid was classified to the most restrictive status in the state of Virginia and placed in solitary confinement. December 26, 2023, a preliminary injunction was filed by his attorneys regarding the retaliation he was being, subjected to, this was all the while he was participating in a hunger strike with 16 other prisoners who were also protesting their mistreatment and extensive placement in solitary confinement While Rashid was waiting for a court hearing on his situation, suddenly, his court date was canceled which I later learned would be so that he may tentatively be transferred somewhere where he may receive adequate treatment, apparently this was just a promise so now we wait to see if their promises match their action. For updates on Rashid’s situation and health visit Dare to struggle,
Dare to win!
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