Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hey this is comrade Pitt, Peter Kamau Mukuria, the Minister of Labor for the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party. So I want to leave a quick audio recording regarding my Comrade Rashid, who is the Minister of Defense, our current medical wishes.

So, I want you for a second to like imagine, going for a blood test, and a week goes by and you hear no news from the so-called medical professionals. For you it may be an indication that the results were fine and you can go on living your life as you please. But what, unbeknownst to you was that a year and a half has gone by, and you actually have prostate cancer and only finally learning of this, the cancer surely has spread throughout your entire prostate. And the immediate actions you take, would be, hold the doctors and anyone who had knowledge of the blood test results accountable.

This may be something easier to do from the outside, but if you’re incarcerated, it’s incredibly difficult. My fellow comrade and Minister of Defense, Kevin Rashid Johnson, was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 months ago, however it has been precisely a year and a half since Virginia prison officials had a clinical evidence from the PSA blood test that he had cancer and to this day, he has received no treatment. But that’s just not it. The option for treatment which the doctors advise him is the least dangerous and most effective has been scrapped—and offered the most dangerous and ineffective plan of treatment. Doctor, and I’m probably gonna spell it wrong, but Dr. Urdaneta from the MCV (Medical College of Virginia) hospital ordered some medication for Rashid to take for treatment.

But the prison administrators didn’t abide by the treatment plan and refused to give Rashid the required medicine prior to treatment. Dr. Urdaneta then changed the medical plan. But not just changed the medical plan, this guy suggested that the new plan of treatment will be, get this, insert organ frying radiation beamed into Rashid’s body 40 times. Didn’t provide an explanation as why the sudden change and why opt to set up for the more dangerous course of treatment. In thus working toward treatment, as anyone else would, he was rushed by Dr. Urdaneta to sign a consent form acknowledging that he recognize the treatment he was going to receive might not kill the cancer and there may be serious side effects and injuries. Anyone in his situation would sign that form just to begin the treatment.

What happened about Rashid’s situation and the barbaric so-called medical treatments which he will be subjected to, I would be lying if I said I was surprised, because I wasn’t. Political prisoners stand to be a thorn in the side of prison administration, due to their relentless pursuit of their and other prisoners’ dignity and humanity—and because political prisoners are also subject to the most cruel inhumane and barbaric treatment. And that’s precisely what Rashid is going through. Now obviously their intent to extract this thorn from their side, which this thorn is Rashid, would be to pretty much allow the cancer to end Rashid’s life, which is pretty obvious that’s what they’re trying to do by playing this stall tactic game, by kicking the can down the road. Because while they’re doing this, his poor condition continues to exacerbate.

So I’m really asking anybody who is listening to this, to reach out to, that’s Rashid’s website. And to also reach out to RIBPP, the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party. Instagram pages, social media pages and try to gather as much information as you possibly can regarding this situation, so we can try to, you know, support him from the outside as well as from the inside. Just try to support him as much as you can, because we know what’s going on, we see what’s going on, it’s very obvious what’s going on. I pretty much ask, you know, anybody, you know, that can hear my voice, to please, visit Rashid’s website, collect some more information, and we can try to address this issue collectively because we really cannot address this issue without solidarity from both inside and outside. So, I would very much appreciate any support that we can send to my comrade. As always, All Power to the People, this is Comrade Pitt, Minister of Labor for the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party. Yeah, that will be it for now. I appreciate the time, and let’s do this for our comrade.

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