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Chad Smith

Hello everybody, this is Chad Smith, the guy that got shot by the police in Romulus back in August 3, 2018. And they said I was at a standoff after the police had shot me because I went to somebody’s house and I was calling my family to pull up to make sure I made it out alive. They have mistake me and say that I shot at the police, but when they looked at the whole situation, they see that wasn’t the case. 

I’ve been fighting this case ever since 2018 and haven’t had my day in trial or court. You heard the recordings and everything so I’m just asking for help. I ain’t been receiving my due process. Transcripts have been lost. I didn’t have accurate arraignment or accurate probable cause hearing and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. I really need some legal help. I shouldn’t be really going through all of this right now. But I know that there’s people out there who know that there’s people wrongfully convicted. Hopefully I get some help before they try to, you know, push this thing and try to convict me, you know, to cover it up for the police but I just need somebody to check my due process out there and look at my situation. They’re gonna know whether, you know, if it’s feasible or not to help me or not. 

Tony [Tommy] posted a statement on there too on that I sent him, with the officer saying he don’t know why his partner shot me so I’m just asking that you all help me out. Reach out please. Thank you. 

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