Prison Radio
Chad Smith

Hello everybody at Prison This is Chad Smith. We truly need more prison reform, nonprofit organizations saving lives and making an impact and changing the world, fighting the battles that matter and fighting for those who are fairly abused by the police and court system. Often left voiceless.

I’m talking about us people who have very legitimate issues of fact, not just merely complaining. Facts that once looked into by anyone truly trying to help and bring about a lasting change and whistleblower issues that will immediately take the front page of every impact the newspaper and headlines of every news channel.

The things this Wayne County Judicial Court system of Detroit is doing to myself and countless others is cruelty for profit and to cover up to protect corrupt police and the corrupt prosecution system in Detroit, Michigan. You’ve all seen how far the Detroit police system and city officials went to cover up the corruption involving the once Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

When will police corruption be held accountable and rooted out? When will the judicial system of Wayne County be held accountable for their inhumane atrocities against the inhabitants who reside in that community? I was a hardworking taxpaying citizen, enjoying family life and society. And now I have been shot by the police several times, almost killed by the police, to be exact.

Non provokingly, due to policemen’s wild state of fear and confusion when dealing with young men of color, like myself. You can see in the copies of the police lethal force report that I sent to Tommy, how one of the officers… On the police shooting scene, reported and confessed that I did nothing worthy of police lethal force or being shot by multiple police officers, a mere police firing squad death sentence they brought up on me.

This report was hidden along with multiple missing body cams, camera footage of four officers. This police officer who confessed was never caught as a witness at the one-man grand jury indictment or probable cause hearing for the indictment. And I’m wondering why. And to add insult to the injury of being shot by the police, I was arrested on a warrantless arrest at the hospital, taken out of the hospital, but never booked in jail and instead placed in a secret facility, hidden away from inquiring media and news for holding without permission of a warrant or a detainer. I was also totally taken advantage of being illegally interrogated there under the influence of strong pain drugs while in critical conditions, suffering from a lack of proper hospice treatment.

Since this all happened on the date of August 3rd, 2018, I have been in custody without any crim primed convictions for the indictment, allegations of police, and a prosecution. I’m trying to fight the indictment in the Wayne County Judicial Court where several attempts have been made to cover this up and sweep me under a system against my constitutional citizen rights of justice.

As I stated in previous recordings, so many of my rights have been severely abused throughout this ongoing court process. Public attorneys are working with the prosecutor behind my back to cover this all up. All body cams footage of shooting officers has been hidden. It has disappeared. Court transcripts of my so called arraignment is missing, probable cause hearing transcripts are missing.

An alleged victim never filed or signed a complaint or affidavit and they are both non existent, yet I was still charged. All blatant, plain errors, yet continually ignored. There’s been so many violations in this case and so much unreasonable time delay causing me added prejudices in the case due to corrupt prosecutions, tactical advantage, and so much more.

I’m still in the pre-trial phases of this case and I am in desperate need of a real attorney and some civil rights help. I welcome all legitimate legal help. As an American taxpayer citizen, I just want my rights respected to a fair court proceeding as promised in the United States Constitution. Are all created equal as promised or what?

All I’m saying is this thing stinks all the way around. I have all the facts, not complaints. I have all the facts. I’m not complaining. All I know with any true lawyer. One good motion can get this case dismissed with prejudice and get me back home to my loved ones immediately. It’s that simple. One motion can save a life.

So I just thank everybody that’s been supporting me. I thank Prison, man, y’all keep me in prayer. Please reach out to me.