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Chad Smith

Hello everybody, this is Chad Smith #532291 from Michigan Department of Corrections, here at Macomb Correctional Facility where you can reach out to me either on at Chad Smith 532291, but as of now I am on Prison Radio where you can reach me and see my profile,

And I just got back from court. I’m the same guy that’s been reporting about and updating about the police shooting, where I was shot by the police four different times, and they tried to cover it up. This happened in 2018–August 3, 2018. It’s five years later. I’m still in here fighting, and I haven’t been convicted of nothing. I just came back from court, and when I went to court, my attorney, Ms. Jackie Pilcowitz, she filed a stipulation on the motion with Mr. Josh Holman, Prosecutor Josh Holman. Without my knowledge, they made a stipulation in the deal. They made a stipulation in the deal on the motion to suppress statements and evidence that was falsely taken under pretenses that were against the law.

I was placed in a facility without a detainer or a warrant, and I was on medication–pain medication after I got shot–and Michigan State Police came and tried to force a statement on me, withholding food, water, medication, and medical treatment from me until they received a confession under these type of pressures.

So after all of this happened, I can prove that I was not supposed to be there because they don’t have a detainer or a warrant, and that’s something that I’m trying to ask for at a motion hearing to suppress these statements, but when I just went to court motion hearing, I was not even allowed to see the judge and I never waived in-court appearance. I never waived in-court appearance at all–which is my right to have in-court, personal appearance. And I never agreed to anything with my attorney, and she made a deal with my prosecutor, Josh Holman, for a stipulation to be able to use my statement rather than suppressing it.

So I don’t know if they work in together behind my back or whatever is going on, but I never had a say in it, which is against my Sixth Amendment right to assist my counsel on my defense. So these things are happening and I’m asking anybody with any legal knowledge, anybody who know any lawyers in the legal system to help me out. I really need help because there’s so much stuff going on to cover things up with this situation by me being shot by the police several times.

It’s so many things going on in the courts. I fear, you know, that I may not be able to get a fair trial. I mean, they just switched my judge to this new judge that I have. I had Kelly Ramsey and now I have Cynthia Stevens. So they just switched my judge, my attorney’s been switched several times, I’ve been held five years, it’s so much going on, this stuff is unheard of. So I’m just crying out, man.

Please, I need y’all. I need y’all to be my voice, anyone listening to this. So I really need any type of legal help that anybody’s offering. If you have any type of questions, I’m open to answer any type of questions. Any type of helpful consultation, I’m open to it because this is wrong in so many different ways. And I just need some help, I need some legal help from the outside. I don’t know if this a inside cover up, but I might need some people that’s not with the Wayne County to be able to help me. But if you are with the Wayne County hearing this and you can offer help, I’m still open to it as well, but yeah this isn’t right. Please reach out to me. Thank you. I appreciate you.

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