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Chad Smith

Hello everyone, this is Chad Smith, Number 532291, at the Macomb Correctional Facility in Michigan. I’ve also posted on Friends Beyond the Walls and Notes From the Village, on Facebook. I was just, received the update on a statement from one of the officers who shot me. This is involved in that police shooting that I went through where I was shot four times by the police in Romulus Michigan, by two officers, but it was three officers on the scene. One of the officers has released a statement saying that he don’t know why I was shot, that he drew his gun and he didn’t shoot at all, but his partner shot me. (voices) He didn’t see a gun in my hand and I was not a threat. So he don’t know why his partner shot me. They never told him why until a week later when they caught him.

I’m trying to get these papers posted, so you guys can see that I’m only bringing the facts and the proof. And my family, they just want answers as well as myself. It’s been six years since this happened, and I’m still being held in custody and been yet to go to trial. I have not had a trial yet and it’s been six whole years. This happened 2018, August 3rd, well before COVID, and I’m still being held and have not been to trial. It’s been multiple attorneys on this case, trying to help cover it up, working with prosecution to try to cover up what happened to me by the police. So I’m just asking for help.

I need some type of legal help, someone to reach out to me. You can reach me at, Chad Smith 532291, on, or on Friends Beyond the Walls, or you could reach out to to either Tony or Olivia; or NFTV, Dr. Darnell Ishmael, on Facebook. But Dr. Darnell Ishmael on Facebook has posted, as well, the statements that I sent them and I’m trying to send them to, so you can see what this officer is saying. I was shot by the police. They are hiding me, they’re trying to cover it up and I need some help. I have facts and proof. Thank you for taking your time to listen and thank you for supporting people like us. God Bless.

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