Prison Radio
Chad Smith

Hello everybody. This is Chad Smith again, from Macomb Correctional Facility.

I was shot by the police back in 2018, August 3. As of this August, it’s been five years officially that I’ve been held—and just been held, haven’t been convicted of anything haven’t been charged, I mean convicted, of anything. I was charged, charges that have been dropped since.

Transcripts are a business deal. This is an update. I need some outside help, man. I don’t know what’s going on, what they trying to pull. I just need some outside help, some people to investigate the integrity of what’s going on. I’m just wishing that to get a fair shake, man, I don’t know, they trying to cover it up or what. I’m just asking for some help. This is wrong. My family want answers, I want answers.

I’m asking that y’all reach out to me on under Chad Smith, number 532291. Chad Smith, 532291. If you are willing to help or if you know anybody that can help me, but I need some attorney help and somebody to check into this situation of me being shot by the police several times and just being placed in a system of being held until they figure out what they’re gonna try to do.

So I appreciate it, and just reach out to me let me know what you can do. Good looking out man. I thank you for the love and support out there, shouts out there everybody that’s been following my story. Yep. Peace and blessings.

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