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Chad Smith

I have updates.
I’ve asked for paperwork from my attorney, Miss Jackie. And I’ve been asking for a detainer, or a warrant: proof of a detainer or a warrant that they had to take me into custody. And they did not have a detainer or warrant to take me in custody when they took me into custody. That’s a big problem. That’s a big issue because that that was added to a false arrest. I am figuring things out with it right now; where it’s gonna go. Hopefully I get an evidentiary hearing, so I can get it on the record. But at this moment, they don’t have an affidavit either from a witness that’s supposed to be a key witness. So the police use a police report, which is hearsay. I’m appalled at these things, because I would have thought these would have been found out and dealt with sooner. But it really seems like my attorney has been working with them to try to keep things under wraps. That’s why I’m desperately crying out for somebody who’s not a part of Wayne County, somebody who’s outside of this swamp, in this whole situation, to hear me out and help me out. I mean, it wouldn’t take much to see what’s really going on here with this police shooting cover up. I was shot four times by the police with a with an AR 15 style assault rifle. I was shot on the left side of my chest, my back, my left thigh, and towards my stomach, I got shrapnel. So they, they’re really doing what they can to try to cover this thing up. And I’m just, I’m just trying to see what’s going on as you listen to the last recordings that I’ve done. They don’t have transcripts because they have lost transcripts. I haven’t been arraigned, didn’t have a probable cause hearing. They been holding me blaming it on a parole hold. But the parole people had a hearing. And they say that I’m not being held for any parole violations. I have no violations at this time. So my thing is what is going on with my rights with my Constitutional rights as well as due process rights. They waited 18 months to the day to bring charges forth. So they say if no law against not bringing charges for it. But without a delay, it is a law. Unless you have a reasonable delay. There’s an unreasonable delay and why they waited 18 months from the day that they are lawfully arrested to bring up charges. They was a tactical advantage hoping that evidence would disappear hoping that witnesses would disappear so they can cover this thing up.

So I’m just asking anybody with any type of connections to any civil services to reach out to me please on at Chad Smith 532291 Macomb Correctional Facility. Or you can look up the address for Macomb Correctional Facility in Michigan. And just reach out to me I’d be glad to answer any questions. Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

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