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Darren Stanley (KnowledgeBorn GodAllah)

Okay, yo, it’s KnowledgeBorn GodAllah, you know what I’m saying, 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, you know what I’m saying, I’m a true god, you know I’m saying, like inside of San Quentin prison on death row. What I bring to you is the introduction of Nation of Gods on Earth in CDCR, California, where we’ll be talking about our activities here in CDCR, San Quentin prison, on death row, as well as the mistreatment by officers and the mistreatment and the disrespect that we have been receiving in getting the program started. I will be interviewing some of the kids here that has participated in the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths.

And I want the people to know that we will not be talking about people’s cases. We will be talking about the elevation of people’s lives while we’re here. And how the Nation of Gods and Earths has enlightened them to carry on, even in dark times. Again, this is KnowledgeBorn GodAllah, you know, calling from San Quentin prison. I will talk about my case, because my case is, right, it’s highly racially motivated, and it comes out of Oakland, CA, and so that’s not a problem, but other people, I cannot ask them any questions about their cases because of the situation we’re in—and their appeals are still pending. So I’d appreciate for my listeners to be understanding to that point.

But at the same time, our program as well as 5% Nation of Gods and Earths needs to needs motivation, needs help, it needs inspiration, and it needs the vacuum of the people in order to show that we can manifest and give back to our community, to black and brown community, and the civilized Caucasian people that live in our community. We need all the assistance and help we can get and also to provide that knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to those communities as well, as economically as well, because we’re building a foundation where we can actually have economical stimulus towards our own communities instead of communities that we don’t come from.

So again, this is knowledge one got a lot of 5% Nation of Gods and Earth, in conjunction with Officers of Cultural Management in New York City, and [inaudible] in Region Nine, which is the Bay Area and myself. I am a representative- I am representative in Region Nine, as well as my outside representative [inaudible] who’s in Region Nine in Office of Cultural Management in New York was [inaudible] mathematics and the whole law school in Mecca, and all over the globe. That said, you got to take care of yourself and I holla at y’all, salaam, peace.

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