Prison Radio
Damaine Griffin

It’s Damaine Griffin. I’m an inmate calling from McComb Correctional Facility.

And I like to share my thoughts about trying to generate more support for the juvenile lifer, the second chance campaign that’s going on in which they had the oral arguments going on yesterday, and it kind of seemed like the Supreme Court really wasn’t trying to support it. They wanted to see or seek more attention from citizens out there and whether they support it or not.

I think that anybody out there should be able to go out there and look it up and sign a petition to help us inmates who basically got locked up when we were children and not really afforded any type of second chance, help us get a second chance at living, the guys that’s really serious about rehabilitation like me.

This is my first time really speaking like this, so I’m a little bit nervous, but I just wanted to get my point out there and speak to the world, and anybody welcome to contact me. I just wanted to let y’all know out there that I support and appreciate y’all, and thank you.

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