Prison Radio
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

After being held in solitary confinement since June 29, 2023 in unlighted cells, and without needed and entitled personal property, all under the pretext of an investigation, I have been released back to general population here at Sussex 1 State Prison. 

During this time in solitary officials attempted to stop my cancer treatment at outside hospitals. It was only because of public awareness and protest that I was returned to ‘regular’ housing and my treatment was resumed and recently completed. Without the people’s intervention I would have been left to suffer terminated care for this illness which would almost certainly have proven fatal. I am once again humbled and thankful for the people’s support.

For several months I have been politically out of the loop and generated little by way of writings and organizing. This was due to my being away at the hospital undergoing months of daily radiation treatments. These treatments were just completed and I now await a series of tests to determine if the cancer has been contained or eliminated.

If not for the attention and intervention of Comrades, friends and supporters none of these achievements would have been possible. This is yet another tribute to the power of the people to compel change. Thank you again.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!