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James Ward

This is James Ward again, AKA J.

The last time I was on here I spoke on my project called “Decarcerate Us” and other things I’ve been going through since I’ve been in here. So, I’d like to take this time now to explain a little more about the Decarcerate Us project.

I want for people to understand that the nature of Decarcerate Us isn’t to disregard all other projects and what they do. But I’ve reached out to many, without getting your help. And it’s- it’s many of us that been through the same or just don’t know where to go. So, the goal for Decarcerate Us is to make a change to that. For all people to come together, showing no discrimination to race, gender, sexuality, or crime, cause we’re all in the same boat.

The focus is to expose present issues and show people on the outside, how they can really help instead of not getting involved. Many people really don’t know what to do and already feel defeated. And that’s the same for prisoners due to the lack of outside help. This project will only be made possible with the help from outside. Its many of us in here that started off as a juvenile, me being one of them. Its people put on death row who don’t even deserve it. Like Keith LaMar Hassan or Maurice, or Maurice Brown, who will possibly [inaudible] his own speech soon, has been put in solitary confinement for three years for just some threats, no violence involved, and they refused to let him out.

There’s so many situations in here that many people out there really don’t know about. But Decarcerate Us wants to make a change to that; to put a stop to this injustice once and for all. Well, if you’re sincere and want to get involved, I ask all to reach out in getting contacts. Cause that’s the only way Decarcerate Us is going to be made possible. Strength comes in numbers. But the old strategies just ain’t working. I believe the vision is that once all is aware of what’s really going on, the real change can and will be made. Decarcerate Us is a new project of strategy and progress.

Last thing, I want to give a shout out to all those that’s a part of the struggle inside and out. And to the ones in my life that made this speech possible, Clare in North Carolina and Nick in California. Both a part of my team and highly appreciated.

And as always, thank y’all for giving me a [inaudible].

My contract information is James Ward, A517461, at Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.